Monday, July 11, 2011

Is there shortage of dermatologists? See our own Dr. Alan Menter on NBCDFW

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  1. Nice interview!

    How much of an impact does derms' doing cosmetic procedures instead of mole checks have on access?

  2. Certainly has some impact. There was poorly powered survey a few years ago that found it was far easier (and a sooner appointment) to get in to see dermatologist for Botox than it was for a suspicious mole. But the same holds true for primary care as well...if you have insurance as opposed to Medicare, you can likely get a primary care physician a lot easier too.

    One solution always mentioned is to think about mid-level providers like physician assistants. But no specialty has embraced them as well as dermatology, and we still have a shortage. There needs to be more funding for graduate medical education...but in this budget environment, there is little hope for that.

    Thanks Dr. Sue for the comment!