Monday, January 25, 2010

MOOve on over traditional business cards!

I'm always excited to find new products and services, particularly those that turn an old product into something that is more practical and exciting. That is exactly what does to the outdated business card.

This European-come-to-America company is creating exciting new products including "mini cards." These small cards can be passed to include information such as your website name or your Twitter or FaceBook ID.

I would encourage you to check this company out as an interface between electrons and parchment. I've copied some info from their website -- let me know what you think:

MOO is a new kind of printing busines

There are now more than a billion people online, many using the internet to engage in some kind of social activity. Over 4 petabytes of unique virtual content is generated a month, and in case you're not sure, that's quite a lot.

There's virtual communication like email, instant message or video. People belong to virtual communities like social networks, image sharing or interest groups. And in these communities they use virtual identities to share virtual content: writing, photography, design, music, video... Sometimes, we think life is just a little too virtual.

MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products for the real world.
Our Products and why we make them
Look familiar?

Handing out our contact details, the old way. It wasn't pretty. Really.
MOO MiniCards

Handing out our contact details via MOO. It's nicer. People call back.

All of the staff at MOO have active online social lives - not for work, just for fun. We love the web. Over half of us have our own website, or blog, and pretty much all of us share our photos online with our friends.

Our first product, MiniCards, came about when we realized that sometimes, we wanted to hand out details of our personal sites, and we just didn't have a nice way to do it. A business card was too cheesy, too serious, or too... businessy, and didn't represent us the way we really are. A hastily scribbled piece of paper is more personal, but who ever has paper or a pen when you want it? We needed something else.

So we made MiniCards. Little cards - about half the size of a business card - with your own photos, designs and text on. Made in boxes of 100 with the option of having a different image on every one.

We launched them into the big wide world towards the end of 2006, and now you can get them through a variety of MOO partner community sites, or by uploading your images directly to MOO. Don't have images of your own? Don't worry, we thought of that too.

Our other products are developed in the same way. As people with a lot of content online, we love the chance to take it offline again and hold it in our hands. To put it in our pockets, and hand it out to friends.

We make products we like and want to use, and we really hope you feel the same way.

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