Monday, August 2, 2010

When to keep your mouth closed

I spent an enjoyable evening with my good friend Linda Timmerman who related a nice story from her recent vacation to Las Vegas.

As many of you know, Linda's husband David is a world class choir director who recently retired to his mansion on the lake and a tool shed that would rival The Home Depot.

But what you probably don't know was that David was Terry Fator's vocal coach many years ago when Terry was in high school. This was way before he won America's Got Talent and rocketed to stardom.

Fator, now the star Las Vegas act attracting thousands of people and millions of dollars to the Mirage Casino, has signed at least a $100 million contract for another five years of ventriloquism impersonations with his classy puppets.

David and Linda were guests of Fator at the Mirage and were spotted by the puppet paparazzi as they left the glitzy casino steakhouse. When David was asked how it felt to be the vocal coach of the now millionaire puppet star, David in his quite demeanor just said, "It wasn't me...I always told him to sing with his mouth open!"

I guess Fator put his money where his mouth was.

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