Friday, November 19, 2010

Disability Insurance: Difficult decision when you're bullet proof and broke

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An interview with Jim Stevens about the importance of disability insurance.  You insure your car, your house, and life -- but do you ever think about insuring your future income potential.  Check out this discussion about the world of disability coverage and what you need to be on the look out for.


  1. I believe in having Disability Insurance
    , in order to be financial secure. It doesn't matter if you are healthy or young.

  2. It's so true - I'm glad you posted this! Long-Term Disability Insurance is always overlooked, especially by those blessed with good health and prosperity. Whereas in the current economic downturn, people may see the effects of losing finances, nobody ever thinks about the fact that your health can turn in an instant. Although you can't predict what will happen next, you can at least be prepared to protect your income.