Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Perry-Palin in 2012? Hillary Clinton in 2012?

As we enter the final weekend of this political season I thought I would take a few moments to suggest some possible scenarios for 2012 that will begin as soon as the last ballot is cast on Tuesday.

Here are some thoughts:

Perry-Palin 2012? Could this be the next Republican dream team? Before I get the laugh lines and hate mail let me make my point.

Both of these individuals have been or are Governors from large states with many similarities. Texas and Alaska have faired much better than their counterparts in the latest recession, have enjoyed a relatively friendly tax environment, have benefited from the increase in energy demand, and, lets face it, represent geographically about a third of the United States.

But more importantly both Rick and Sarah correctly identified early on the upswing of the Tea Party movement and latched on. I think this "movement", I don't really think it qualifies as a Party yet, has surprised almost everyone's expectations about its growth and popularity. I'm not sure where it will end up, but these two mavericks have been riding the wave into this election season.

Both have also been able to run as "non-incumbents". This has been easy for Palin (read: jobless), but despite the anti-incumbent rage sweeping the country, Perry has been able to be the outsider in the current Texas governor's race. He has successfully painted his opponent as being part of the "problem" by using his mediocre performance as Houston mayor as the whipping post.

Will I vote for this team? Not sure, but it will make for an interesting discussion as we move into next year and both are not running for President. Right.

Now think about this: Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee? I know this sounds far fetched.

But think about it for a moment. Assuming President Obama is defeated in his bid for reelection, Hillary would face the risk of a four to eight year stint of being on the outside of a Republican administration. (And she would likely be too old to run at the end of an Obama second term.)

So what would happen (assuming the Democrats get trounced in the Congressional elections) if Clinton resigns her post as Secretary of State, moves back home, and now jobless -- turns into the Palin-type evangelist of change and returns to the Democratic principles that she campaigned on (and remember, almost won).

She could certainly make the argument that the wrong choice was made in selecting Obama and he has moved way outside the mandate for American that swept the D's into power.

If she could somehow manage to recreate the mid-term rehabilitated mode of her husband Bill during his first term (move slightly to the center, fiscal responsibility, make the country's problems those of the Republicans), she might offer hope to the Democratic Party.

Particularly if there isn't a valid Republican nominee (read #1).

Plus, what an exciting political season. We haven't had a sitting President with a primary challenge in a long time.

I know everyone just can't wait to start this circus all over again.

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